Saturday, July 15, 2017



I want to run but there is no where to run

I want to scream but I can't

Fucking bowling ball in my stomach.  I want it out but it won't come out

Maybe cut it out

I can't cry, I can't.  I'm not alone, and I would need to explain

I can't explain

Pretend to be happy


My life is pretending

Why can't I die

I hate me

You should hate me

I cause nothing put pain

There is no point to my life

I'm a fucking coward

I should be dead but I am too selfish

Make the fear go away

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It's 12:43

its 12:43 am and I am not asleep. my brain is fuzzy, yet I'm awake my brain is talking, wondering, dreaming who am I who am I who ...